Welcome to Meet me at the Pyramid Stage!

Hi, I’m Mel, an Aussie living in the UK. I love rock ‘n’ roll, music festivals, single malt whiskies, hiking, travel, dive bars, and a good hat. Monday to Friday (and beyond) I work in event production and on Saturday nights I strap on my air guitar at the first opportunity.

I’ve been very fortunate to have lived all over the world, worked on some massive events, and have met tons of awesome (and bonkers) folk, I hope to share some of those stories here.

Always curious, and forever wandering off the well trodden path – I share tales of adventure, exploration, and some oddities that tend to occur when I travel. You’ll always find me following the music (quite literally) in any city I am in, regardless of dark alleys, or questionable venues (this is where you find the best stuff)

So, come with me on an adventure to a city, a festival, or to the middle of nowhere.