Glastonbury: The ultimate guide for first timers

Glastonbury is the ultimate bucket list music festival, and my absolute favourite. Spending five days listening to your favourite artists is not for the faint-hearted or unprepared. Here are my tips to having the most wonderful Glastonbury experience possible.


  • Bring something warm, waterproof, and something for warmer weather – Glastonbury is notoriously wet, and at night it gets colder than you think. Layers are King!
  • Bring extra socks – there is nothing like wet feet to put you in a bad mood.
  • Don’t pack more than you can carry – I’ve failed at this before. The Glastonbury site is massive, no matter if you drive in, or catch the bus – the distance between entering the festival and getting to your campsite, is always huge, and lugging a stupid amount of luggage (often through mud) is hugely annoying.
  • Bring Paracetamol / hayfever tablets / berocca / immodium!
  • Don’t forget an extra charging pack for your phone – there is phone charging onsite, but the queues are always huge.
  • Pack spirits, but save the beer for the festival bars – warm beer/cider sucks.
  • Don’t forget comfy shoes (waterproof ones) hiking boots are good – you’ll be dancing and walking around all day.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Take everything you bring away with you, and put your rubbish in a bin. #Leavenotrace


Glastonbury Tip: Always camp on higher ground
  • Don’t camp near the footpaths or the toilets – less noise, less mud, less stench.
  • Do camp on high ground (Near the Park is good)
  • Do take your tent home with you – leave no trace.
  • Do memorise landmarks near your tent – with yours and 50,000 other tents its always good to have a landmark or 2 memorised so you can find it in the dark or in whatever state you may be in at the time.
  • If you have mates driving in, bribe them to bring in your tent and set it up for you.


The rumours are true, toilets at Glastonbury can be some of the rankest you will experience in your entire life – be prepared.

  • Bring travel tissues (there is rarely toilet paper in the toilets, you definitely do not want to be “caught short”.
  • Hand Santizer! Hand Sanitizer! Hand Santizer!
  • Ladies, playsuits are a nightmare in filthy portaloos, I’d strongly advise against wearing these, and attempting to negotiating a portaloo.
  • PRO TIP: The toilet paper dispenser is a great place to hang your bag.


Pyramid Stage - Glastonbury, music festivals- music festivals
  • Pace yourself – 4 days of music and dancing: it’s a marathon not a sprint…..
  • Crows Nest for sunset, and the best nightime view of the festival.
  • The Stone Circle for Dawn.
  • Explore the other stages – be sure to check out the circus area, there is always something surprising and extraordinary to see.
  • Don’t miss the late-night shenanigans in Shangri La, the Unfairground, and Area 9.
  • Go and see a band (or 6) that you have never heard of.
  • Agree on a meeting spot and a time with your group, if you get lost don’t panic – go and explore.
  • Most importantly – Enjoy yourself!

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