The Best Music Festivals in the World

The Best Music Festivals in the World

December 13, 2018 3 By meetmeatthepyramidstage

My 6 fave music festivals on the planet 

Music Festivals – I love a good music festival, the sun is out, you’re with your mates, watching your favourite bands. There are hundreds if not thousands of festivals across the globe – Here are my 6 favourite music festivals from around the world- some classic choices, some you may have never heard of.


Glastonbury, UK

Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury

For me this is a no brainer, having spent my teenage years peering at the pages of an import issues of NME (usually a month old). Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019 Glastonbury for me is the ultimate music festival on the planet.

Yes, it pisses it down with rain,and the toilets are terrible BUT the music you watch/ hear, the art you see, and the people you meet over 5 days will stay with you for life. At Glastonbury you can truly lose yourself in the music unashamedly, and its wonderful.

When: Late June

Location: Glastonbury UK

Info/ tickets:

NOTE: 2019 is already sold out ☹ (I slept in, and tix had already sold out)

TOP TIPS: If the weather is warm, the nights in a tent are always colder than you anticipate – bring your layers….or whisky….or both! Head to Shangri La after the main stages wrap up for some night-time madness, then watch the sunrise at the stone circle.


Ferris Wheel at Coachella - Music Festivals

This festival is as pretty as Instagram suggests. It’s basically the American version of Glasto but with warm weather, no rain, and clean toilets! Traditionally the first major festival on the global festival calendar, it has extended to two weekends to keep up with demand in recent years. The line ups are always legendary, the pavilions and art installations are incredible – you need to go to Coachella at least once (if not multiple times) in your life.

When: mid April, over two weekend.

Location: Indio, California

Info/ tickets:

TOP TIP: Get a hotel, its far too hot to camp – treat yourself. When I was last there we stayed at the JW Marriot (It has flamingos!) there is nothing like a restorative swim and breakfast gin, the morning after the night before. Also, Coachella is dusty – you’ll want a shower at the end of the day just to rid yourself of all the dust.


Meredith Music Festival, Australia

As the saying goes “ Great things come in small packages”. This is my favourite festival on the planet, hands down. With a strict “No Dickheads” policy, and no major sponsors. Meredith still feels like a massive party on your mates farm in the bush. If you find yourself in Australia – get to this one.

When: Second weekend of December

Location: Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre

Info/ tickets:

Top tips

  1. Don’t miss sunset at Inspiration point.
  2. Participate (or watch) the Meredith Gift
  3. Raise your boot to your favourite act of the festival – the traditional way of showing your appreciation for a band that has just killed it on stage.
  4. Have a pink Flamingo (cocktail) its delicious!
  5. The Tai Chi Class on Sunday morning.
  6. Leave no trace.

Bloodstock Open Air, UK

There are bigger metal festivals on the planet – but Bloodstock is all about bringing the community together, its smaller, there are somehow less assholes (technical term) than Download, this one is all about the music (oh, and the metal Karaoke). The line ups are impeccable – and you can spend a weekend in the English country side listening to the finest metal on the planet.

When: August

Location: Catton Park, Derbyshire

Info / Tickets:



Yes, the behemoth that is SXSW, if you want seriouslyimmerse yourself in some of the best artists on the planet for a whole 5 days this is the place to be. SXSW is not for the faint of heart, weak of liver, or the disorganised.

SXSW in Austin, Texas, celebrates film, music, and interactive over a fortnight.  This festival / conference takes over the entire city, there is not a bar, tattoo shop or pizza place that doesn’t seem to have a gig on during the music portion of the event.

Get a conference pass, this will obviously give you access to the conference sessions (which if you work in the industry are great!), your pass will also give you priority entry to most gigs, and most of the day parties, amongst other things. The pass is around $600 USD.

If coughing up $600 doesn’t appeal, you are able to get a wristband, this does not have the same benefits – prepare queue a LOT.

When: March

Location: Austin, Texas

Passes and Info:

TOP TIP: Keep an eye on twitter, secret gigs are always cropping up in the oddest of places.

The Great Escape,UK

Great Britain’s answer to SXSW, in the seaside town Brighton. The Great Escape is all about celebrating new music. This is smaller than SXSW and  a hell of a lot cheaper.

With a distinctly British flavour, showcases the UK best up and coming talent and well as the hottest new acts from abroad.C

When: mid May

Location: Brighton, England

Passes and Info:

What are your favourite music festivals? leave a comment below