“Mate, you need to write this shit down!”

All good ideas, (well, ideas I have anyway) tend to born in a pub beer garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon. So here we are….

I spend a lot of my time travelling for work, travelling for pleasure, at music festivals, at gigs, and searching for the best dive bar in the world. I meet some amazing people (and some right nutters) and find myself in some very strange situations and it’s these stories I’m going to share with you…

This is not your average travel blog, there will be swearing, there won’t be any polished photography here. But I do hope you enjoy what you read.

Me in a slight moment of delirium after Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast Australia.

2 thoughts on ““Mate, you need to write this shit down!”

  1. Lana Cole says:

    Great first post! Keep em coming!

  2. drdblogs says:

    Welcome to WordPress! Happy Blogging!

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