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The Best Music Festivals in the World

My 6 fave music festivals on the planet  Music Festivals – I love a good music festival, the sun is out, you’re with your mates, watching your favourite bands. There are hundreds if not thousands of festivals across the globe – Here are my 6 favourite music festivals from around the world- some classic choices, […]

Melbourne: Where to have a bloody good night out!

Full Disclosure: I grew up in Melbourne and spent the majority of my 20’s lurking in dark bars watching bands and knocking back pints of Geelong Bitter – so my idea of a good night out may not be shared by many people. But here are some suggestions if you find yourself in Melbourne (in […]

“Mate, you need to write this shit down!”

All good ideas, (well, ideas I have anyway) tend to born in a pub beer garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon. So here we are…. I spend a lot of my time travelling for work, travelling for pleasure, at music festivals, at gigs, and searching for the best dive bar in the world. I meet […]